December 13, 2011

Dear Ms. Flowers:

Re: Vermilion River Watershed Concerns

Thank you very much for your letter dated November 30, 2011 which was received by the Nickel District
Conservation Authority (NDCA) on December 7,2OL1.

I have read your letter and note that you have outlined four main issues of concern. First, the blue-green
algae bloom which was confirmed on a portion of the lower Vermilion River in early Fall. Second, the
potential impacts on water quality from sewage treatment plant facilities located in different subwatersheds
which feed into the Vermilion River watershed. Third, the low water levels and flows in the
Vermilion River and Junction Creek (McCharles Lake area) this past Summer.  Fourth, how the issue of
low water response is addressed and what agencies have responsibilities in that regard.

I have reviewed your issues of concern with Paul Sajatovic the NDCA’s General Manager.  It would be
best to meet with you to discuss the issues you have raised as well as the complexities associated with
water management in the Vermilion River watershed. Following our meeting, we would summarize our
discussions in writing so that you might share them with the stewardship group. Please contact Paul at
the NDCA office to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time in the near future.

You are, perhaps, aware that Linda Heron the Chair of the Vermilion River Stewardship group will be
appearing before the NDCA General Board on January 19,2012. You may want to attend with Linda. We
welcome watershed residents to our meetings. We can provide up to 15 minutes for presentations
followed by a question and answer period.

On behalf of the Nickel District Conservation Authority, I thank you for your submission. Let me assure
you that as the stewards of our watersheds in Greater Sudbury, the NDCA takes its responsibilities very
seriously.   Lesley, we look forward to meeting with you very soon.
Yours truly,

Bob Rogers,
cc. NDCA General Board Members
Ms. Linda Heron, Vermilion River Stewardship
Paul Sajatovic, NDCA General Manager.

Download letter – NDCAtoFlowers.