Vermilion River Stewardship & OTF Partners

Vermilion River Stewardship, Ontario Trillium Foundation and Conservation Sudbury

A BIG THANK YOU to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for awarding Vermilion River Stewardship a $103,200 grant to undertake the Lower Vermilion Source Water Quality Monitoring Project.  This 2 year study is to characterize the lower Vermilion River to identify all negative inputs affecting water quality and water quantity, and to ultimately recommend a course of action to protect and restore water quality on the Vermilion River system.  The study will start in the Spring of this year and will be completed by the end of 2014, with a Report coming out early in 2015.

Our Project partners are Ontario Trillium Foundation, Conservation Sudbury, Beaver Lake Sports and Cultural Club and Penage Road Community Centre.   Vermillion River Stewardship looks forward to working with our partners on this very significant and important project.OTFHORIZcolour