If you would like to help the Vermilion River Stewardship in its initiatives to ensure a clean, healthy and sustainable river ecosystem for present and future generations, then please join our membership.  You can download a Membership Application here.

Your contributions will be used to advance and promote environmental and educational initiatives.

Membership includes:

  1. Regular email updates about challenges, concerns, and status of issues in our community.
  2. Notification of events, meetings, speakers, and issues.
  3. The satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to a healthy and sustainable river ecosystem.
An Annual Membership Fee of $25.00 is due by 1 March.

If you are not a paid member, please consider becoming one.  To join, you can download the Membership Application, and send the completed form with your dues, payable to Vermilion River Stewardship.   Renewals and new Membership Applications can be mailed to  379 Ronka Rd., Worthington, ON  P0M 3H0.

“Community Supporting a Healthy, Natural and Sustainable River System.”