Vision“Community Supporting a Healthy, Natural and Sustainable River System”


The Vermilion River Stewardship will act as a voice for the Vermilion River and its Watershed, and work to build partnerships and strategic alliances with all other interested parties, communities, stewardships, organizations and industry to ensure clean and healthy water quality; and a balanced and sustainable ecosystem and natural habitat.

Stewardship of the Vermilion River is a responsibility shared by all those whose actions have an impact on its water quality.

Goals & Objectives

Acting on behalf of the Vermilion River for a healthy, balanced and sustainable ecosystem and natural habitat, this Stewardship will actively work to:

  1. Encourage and promote cooperative stewardship;
  2. Ensure its interests are fully represented and protected;
  3. Preserve and protect its water quality, ecosystem, and natural habitat; and
  4. Educate, promote and advocate for responsible and sustainable activities in the entire Vermilion Watershed.