Presentation to City of Sudbury, Policy Committee

On 23 March 2011, the Vermilion River Stewardship was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to make a presentation to the Policy Committee for the City of Sudbury, Ontario, right on the heels of Mark Holmes of Xeneca Power Development Inc. This is a good overview of the issues and challenges the 4 proposed dams will present to the Vermilion River and its Community.

Parts 1 to 4 are Mark Holmes, ED of Xeneca’s; and Parts 5 to 8 are of Linda Heron, Chair of the Vermilion River Stewardship.


Green Energy Rush

Wabagishik Rapids
Wabagishik Rapids on the Vermilion River

Linda Heron

We are in a Green Energy Rush – like the gold rush days of old. I think everyone wants green energy, but many of these proposals have been green-washed to make them appear to be safe for the environment, when in fact they are dirty energy. Hydro-electric projects that use holding ponds, and ‘modified peaking’ to take advantage of peak demand bonus rates, are actually dirty energy.

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