Biodiversity is essential if our World is to survive through these challenging times of Climate Change.  Ontario is one small piece of the entire web of life, as are each of us.  Together we can ensure a future for our children, but we must each act now to do what we can to ensure that biodiversity is protected.

Find out what the Province has to say about biodiversity here.

The River Institute in Cornwall has a great page on biodiversity, and the film above is just one of many available on this subject.

Salmon: Running the Gauntlet

This film investigates the parallel stories of collapsing Pacific salmon populations and how biologists and engineers have become instruments in audacious experiments to replicate every stage of the fish’s life cycle. Each of our desperate efforts to save salmon has involved replacing their natural cycle of reproduction and death with a radically manipulated life history. Our once great runs of salmon are now conceived in laboratories, raised in tanks, driven in trucks, and farmed in pens. Here we go beyond the ongoing debate over how to save an endangered species. In its exposure of a wildly creative, hopelessly complex, and stunningly expensive approach to managing salmon, the film reveals one of the most ambitious plans ever conceived for taking the reins of the planet. Watch the full episode.

Another excellent video – Running the Gauntlet – check out the preview!